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More About Eddie Z

How I Got Started

Most people don’t realize that Wall Street and technology have come together in a way to where they’re pretty much inseparable. In the last 150 years alone, the financial markets and the need for real time price data, have pushed technology to the limits we see today.  If you look closely, you’ll see that it was the high demands of Wall Street that accelerated the innovation of  telegraph, telephone and computer technologies.

For me, it all started back in 1980, when I was just 11 years old. A close friend of mine acquired and Apple II and I was mesmerized by it.   So I set out to get a computer of my own. Back then, the top name brands were Commodore, Apple and TRS80. I decided to go with a Commodore VIC-20.  What a mistake! Boy was I disappointed. It was no competition to the Apple.

Due to my disappointment, I decided to take the VIC-20 apart to see if something was wrong. I was determined to make my computer more powerful. Compared to my friend’s Apple II, my PC was severely underpowered. It had less memory than today’s dishwashers! Needless to say, this grew my personal hobby into a passion.

By the time I was 18 years old, I was working on Wall Street on the floor of the NYMEX while still attending University.   As my trading career unfolded,  it fueled my passion for creating  high performance computers.  In fact, I was the first stock jock at my firm to use a multi-monitor system in the mid-90s.  My colleagues were fuming with envy!

Why trading computers?