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More About Eddie Z

Why Trading Computers?

As the years went by and I gained knowledge and experience,  I spent a lot of time building and testing out hundreds of configurations for trading computers. I was determined to find out which components worked the best and provided me with a system that was reliable and stable.  I didn’t hog all of my knowledge either – I helped my colleagues build monster machines packed with the best up-to-date components. At this time, I wasn’t thinking about the business aspects of this newfound knowledge.

It didn’t hit me until one day a friend came to me and said, “Eddie Z, search for ‘trading computers’ on Google.” When I did, my jaw dropped to the floor. I couldn’t believe how much computer builders were overcharging for trading technology. This is when I knew where my place was, I knew my calling:

Help my fellow day traders by teaching them everything I can about trading technology and to offer them procurement solutions for high-end machines, without over paying or sacrificing great customer service.

There’s nothing worse than sleazy con artists who prey on desperate traders. These computer builders were taking advantage of day traders and making huge profits. This is why it’s important that day traders, new and old, educate themselves. To help you along, you can visit and download my free guide “How to Buy a Trading Computer.”

Learn more about my history with trading